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"Wow, what service!! 

Ordered on Monday, and I got it on Wednesday!  I swung it a few times, and already it feels like I can score more points in every game!  Or should I say I'll win sooner?! :)

Thanks for the advice and the service - can't wait to play with it!"

- Phil C. - Batavia NY

"Can't Wait To Play"
"Can't Imagine Using
  Anything Else"
"Pro-Lite makes the lightest, 
  quickest paddles I've found.

I wouldn't use anything other
than a Pro-Lite Paddle."
          -Rodney "Rocket"  Grubbs
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"People ask me all the time.  What paddle should I buy?
My answer is always the same.  Since it will be a very small one-time investment, get a good one.   WHY?  Because pickleball is won by getting to the net.
Once you get to the net, points are won on quickness, therefore the lighter the paddle, the quicker you can be.  And Pro-Lite makes some of the lightest paddles on the planet.   That is why the majority of high level players use Pro-Lite."  - Rocket
My new paddle is awesome!
Thanks for the prompt, personal service!  This sport is blowing up and I'm proud to be part of it!
              S. Lipitz - Rochester, NY
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